Statutes of the Society

Head 1st

Slovak Metal Science Society (next the Society) is the free and choice organization of the science, science-pedagogic and expert workers of the materials science, who are associated to joint action, which deals with development and increasing of the level of the materials science in Slovakia. The activities of the Society deal with propagation and realisation of the scientific-research into practice too.

Head 2nd

(1) The seat of the Society is Institute of Materials and Machine Mechanics, Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava
(2) The Society operates throughout Slovakia

Head 3rd

(1) The committee of Slovak Academy of Science and company meeting defines the main rules of the Society, respectively.

Head 4th

(1) The Society performs mainly these activities:
a) supports of the development of the materials science by incitement of the science and science-popular activities and propagation of the new knowledge into practice, respectively,
b) develops of the prognostic activities, organises, deepens and coordinates co-operation own members, respectively,
c) provides help the own members for their research works,
d) assists to increasing of the expert and science level the member of Society, mainly young research workers,
e) is able to provide to the correspondent research places of work and authorities stimulation for the steps of the field development.
(2) The Society co-operates with domestic and foreign societies, which are the same direct, above all Metal Science Society with the seat in Prague.