From the history

Czechoslovak Metal Science Society by Czechoslovak Academy of Science was built in 1966. The important scientific workers were among the constituent members, for example: academic J.Čabelka, Prof. Ing. J.Buša, CSc., Assoc. Prof. Ing. J. Havalda, CSc., Assoc. Prof. Ing. I. Hrivňák, CSc., Assoc. Prof. Ing. L. Lakatoš, CSc., Assoc. Prof. Ing. J. Šlesár, CSc. (cited titles are from the date of the establishment of the Society).
The activity and the number of the members of the Society are proliferating, respectively. 273 creative scientific workers were members of the Society in the year 1984. The agencies were situated in Prague, Plzeň, Liberec, Brno, Ostrava, Bratislava and Košice.
The original Society divided into two parts when the ČSFR was separated and Slovak Metal Science Society came into being in Slovakia. The chairman of the Society was Assoc. Prof. Ing. K. Kalna, DrSc.